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This site contains information about Community Led Plans across the whole of the South East of England. Community Led Plans are produced by and for communities, based on a detailed consultation, involving the whole community which prompts action and influences others. Read more...

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Selected Community: Bletchley and Fenny Stratford

Selected Plan: "Fenny Stratford Community Plan"

Fenny Stratford Community Plan

1. Community Plan
  • A Plan for Fenny Stratford 2012/13 [download]
  • Fenny Stratford Action Plan April 2013 [download]
2. Community Details
plan progress

Plan Status:

Assigned CDW

Current CDW:
Sarah Allwood
Paul O’Hare
Carol Nutkins
Suzi Devanney
Ian Hopper

Plan notes


3. Community Actions (41)
Unknown actions (22)

Community-Led Plan Process

Step 1 - Getting Started

To start the process you need to get people interested using publicity and hold an open event to gather support to undertake the process. Register on this website to make contact with your Rural Community Council and Local Authority who will be happy to support you all the way through the process of producing your plan.

Step 2 - Establishing the steering group

Set up a steering group with wide representation from the community. Every steering group member can register on this website and have full access to all the resources available in your area.

Step 3 - Developing a Project Plan

Over a series of meetings put together a strategy, budget and programme on how you are going to undertake the plan, ensuring you consult with everyone in the community. Include in your programme the moments at which you wish to involve local authorities, although it is best to engage with them, right from the beginning of your plan.

Step 4 - Community Consultation

This is a time to undertake a variety of interesting and fun consultation exercises involving as many people as possible both in taking part and in expressing their views. It's not all about questionnaires which should come ideally towards the end of your consultation process with the questions being drawn from the information already gained.

Step 5 - Prioritising and Planning Action

Consultation results analysed. Sort and prioritise the issues and begin to form focus groups to take forward actions. Liaise with other agencies that have been identified in an action, to agree that what is being proposed is feasible and can be delivered. This doesn’t mean you can’t have aspirations for future actions which are not possible at present.

Step 6 - Drafting the plan

Put together the first draft to share with the community and partner organisations. Make your plan more accessible to outside agencies by entering your actions on this website. Show a draft plan to all relevant stakeholders.

Step 7 - Finalising the plan

Consult with the community and partner organisations and produce the final document. Upload a copy on this website and your own if you have one. At this point celebrate with your community but keep the momentum going to implement what you have decided.

Step 8 - Implementing the plan

Consolidate any actions started and begin to implement others. Update your progress on this website as you go to keep your Local Authority informed and in action.

Step 9 - Monitor and Review

Once you have completed a plan a regular review and update will ensure continuous progress on the needs and requirements of your community. Keep your community informed of your progress. Successes and challenges should always be fed back to the rest of your community to keep them involved.

Step NDP - Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Development Plans give local communities the opportunity to create planning policies that all subsequent planning applications in your area must conform to. Please contact your local planning authority if you are interested in creating a Neighbourhood Development Plan.